Oppo A37 Charging Flex Connector Repair Done!

In this post i am going to share full story of Oppo A37 charging flex connector repair. I this case we received Oppo A37 with MIC fault, Oppo A37 lower microphone was not working. but mic suddenly start working when we open two screws battery connector was tighten with these.

We shocked when we disassemble Oppo A37 board from display frame, because the other side female connector exactly below the battery connector was damaged badly. That was now easily available in market.

How and where we got broken connector?

I first tried search from old board, because i remembered that we have a Oppo A37 dead board in our dead board collection. so started search about it but shocked again when i see this also have lower pcb flex connector damaged.

Then we started search for Oppo A37 charging flex connector (female connector placed opposite side of battery connector) from damaged LCD’s and finally Samsung J5 LCD connector matched with Oppo A37 charging flex’s female connector on placed board.


So we removed connector from damaged Samsung J5 display by heating it from below side. Then we used 30 watt soldering iron and soldered connector to Oppo board, that we collected from broke Samsung j5 display. That works perfectly on Oppo A37. You can watch picture gallery below.

This was just an idea how to repair broken lcd connectors by using then from old / dead boards or from broken display. We hope you have got an idea from this post. subscribe via email or follow us on YouTube, Google plus or on other social media to satay connected with us.

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