Samsung Note 4 Restart Solution


In this post i am going to share simplest method to fix restart in any cell phone, why Samsung, LG and other smart phone start restating after showing logo. We can conform by checking phone with charger. I have fixed so many Samsung and LG Smart Phones by this method. You should watch video till end to understand this problem. and subscribe my YouTube channel for future updates.

How to conform the reason of smart phone restarting after logo?

Being a mobile phone technician i have noticed 30 to 40% Smartphone problems comes due to battery, Like battery overload resistor, carbon at battery terminal, loose battery connector. Most of phone working well with connected charger. So if your cellphone working while connected charger and start restarting when we disconnect charger, Then you should try with other battery. If you want to use original battery that your are using already then see my youtube video to modify then battery.

Fix Restart Problem by Modify Battery?

When you conformed that cell phones battery is faulty and battery is the reason of restarting problem in phone, Then you can simply change phones battery with new one. But is some cases we can’t get cell phones battery in our market, Original mobile phone battery is not available or we are well satisfied with our old battery performance. Then we can modify battery as shown in video.


Which part of cell phones battery casing restart problem?

I have noticed almost every cell phone battery have it’s own internal circuit to protect battery cell from over current and over charging. Almost all batteries have zero ohm resistor in side the internal circuit. We can see this resistor after battery disassembly. Mostly this resistor can be found in big size. Sometimes this resistor loose it’s resistance due to over heating or some other reason, when this resistance increases it’s resistance then definitely this will decrease more current. So when phone not get enough current then it can start restarting after logo, restart or shut off on voice calls, restart or shut off on camera flash. I hope you have learned from this post.



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