3 Ways How to fix black screen problem on Android Phones

Black screen problem

My phone works but the screen is black, or How to fix black screen problem on Android Phones, maybe your search query that I will try to answer in this post if you have a blank/black screen problem in a Smartphone or you are working as a Smartphone technician, this article may help you to understand the black screen problem and How to Fix Black Screen on a Smartphone Phones.

Why do some phones show a black screen?

If a Smartphone is stuck on a black screen (Nothing on-screen but the phone is able to receive calls and messages) Blank / Black screen fault in a Smartphone can appear due to many reasons but some of them will be described below.

  1.  System failure (System problems/errors that affect the display of your phone).
  2. Disconnection between board and display.
  3. Damaged display unit / Screen.

I will try to write some details about these three reasons one by one, you should read all or any of them which you think most relevant to your problem. but if you are a cellphone technician then I will suggest you read all posts because different types of reasons we face on different phones.

1- Black screen fault due to system failure:

Black Screen Fault on a Smartphone Due to System Failure: If the phone works just like usual. It still can receive calls, messages, chats, or any notifications, but the screen is black/blank maybe that’s caused by some system problems/errors that affect the display of your phone.

We noticed in some phones with black/blank screen faults, sometimes if any system or installed application goes crashed due incompatibility or any other reason then it can be a cause of black screen fault on a Smartphone.

Fix blank / black screen problem due to system failure?

Here are some solutions that might help based on my experiences: Remove the protector and check if the screen is normal or broken. if the screen is broken then it should be replaced with a working display unit to fix the black screen fault, if it looks normal then follow the steps below to fix the blank/black screen fault on your phone.

1. If you have a phone with remove the able battery, remove the battery from your phone and wait 15-20 seconds, then insert the battery into the phone and try to power on.

2. If you have a phone with a non-remove-able battery, you will need to reset the power of your smartphone using the buttons combination. some devices come with a little hidden reset button that can be pressed using a needle, but most of the devices with non-remove able batteries can be power reset using button combinations, you can see different methods for different brands below.

How to Force Restart a Samsung Galaxy with a non-removable battery

If you have a Samsung galaxy phone you may need to press and hold [VOL-] + [Home] + [Power Button] at the same time for 15-20 seconds, follow the video embedded below.

Watch the video: how to fix the black screen problem in Urdu / Hindi?

Samsung Galaxy S8 / S9/ Note 8 Force Restart

In new Samsung devices like Samsung S8, S9, Note8, and Note9 you need to press and hold [VOL-] + [Bixbay Button] + [Power Button] at the same time for 15-20 seconds to force reboot your Samsung.

Force Restart iPhone 6 / 6 Plus

If you have an Apple iPhone 6s or lower model then you can reset the power of your iPhone by holding down the Home button and Power button for 10 – 20 seconds it will reset the power (Just like we remove the battery and insert it into the phone again) of your iPhone.

How to force restart iPhone

Force Restart iPhone 7 / 7 Plus

To force restart your iPhone 7 / 7 Plus you need to hold Volume down and Side Switch (Power button) until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

How to force restart iPhone 7

Force Restart iPhone X / XS

If you have iPhone 8 / 8 Plus / X / XS / X Max and you want to force restart your iPhone you will need to Press and release VOL + then Press and Release VOL – Then Press and Hold the Side button until you see the Apple logo appears on the screen.

If you are still unable to reboot the phone then you can wait until your phone batteries are dead, then recharge and restart the phone.

3. Black or Blank screen can be fixed also by installing the fresh OS, you can see more posts related to flashing firmware here. it tested on some chines phones like QMobile, Huawei, Oppo, Micromax, etc, but you should always make an OS and user data backup before starting.

Note: If the above solution doesn’t work for you please go to the service center to fix the problem. If you continue we assume that you are a cellphone technician or you have computer and electronics experience, then continue at your own risk.

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2- Black screen problem due to disconnection

Black screen problems due to disconnection board and display unit/screen can be found when display unit and board connection lost due to some reasons like dust in the connector, open connector due to falling down, and damaged connectors onboard or LCD flex. because most Smartphone comes with fixed battery and is hard to open, you should check and understand what you are going to do before opening the phone.

How to fix the black screen problem due to disconnection?

To fix the black screen fault due to the disconnection of display connectors we need to open the phone, so be very careful because smartphone disassembly is a little bit risky and tough. always disconnect the battery first after opening your phone, then start your work.

Open your phone and check the LCD connector it may be dusty or opened, clean the dusty LCD connector using CTC, MBC, or whatever you are using to clean smartphone boards. I suggest you use Falcon 530 motherboard cleaning spray.

Check all points of both connectors using a magnifying glass and resolder if you see any open point due to any reason. then reassemble your cellphone, it may be ok now.

3- Black screen due to damaged display unit

This part is not very simple as we think, I used the damaged display unit term that can cover all problems from the display unit / LCD. I will try to write some conditions that can cause of black screen problem on a smartphone.

1. Broken display unit, that is very simple to understand if an LCD unit is broken from the front but sometimes display units break glass from the back corner that is not visible from the front investigate the display unit carefully, remove the protector from the screen if you feel any difficulty if found any breakage then replace it with a new one.

2. Liquid-damaged display unit, this is a little bit hard to understand when the liquid has gone dry, but if you have experience before then you will easily understand liquid damaged display. You can try to clean and dry if it works then good if not then you need to replace the display unit to confirm.

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