How to Repair Damaged SIM Card Slot Video Tutorial

In this post How to Repair Damage SIM Card Slot Video Tutorial in this video i have explained how we can fix broken SIM slot, if same SIM card jacket not available in market.

In this video i have given a concept, how to repair a broken sim card holders, sockets, slots etc, In this case i have done a Sony cell phone. To fix broken golden pins in a cell phone socket you need these listed things.

Which things are needed to fix broken golden pins in cell phone sim card slot?

  • Good Soldering skills
  • Soldering iron
  • Solder
  • Screw Driver
  • Tweezer
  • Multimeter
  • Spare SIM socket that should be matched with broken

    Jump to specific segment of this video by clicking on specific time if you are watching on YouTube.

    00:10 Introduction to fix/repair broken SIM slot
    00:20 What to do if same SIM socket not available in market
    00:40 Where can we get spare sim slot
    01:00 Putting new golden pin to broken sim card slot
    01:40 Soldering new golden to broken sim slot
    03:50 How to test sim pins after repair with Digital Multimeter
    06:00 Soldering SIM card adapter iron cover/shield
    09:10 Cleaning extra solder after completing soldering procedure
    09:30 Assembling cell phone after repair to test SIM card


Note: I suggest you only try to open your cell phone, If you have good knowledge of electronics gadgets repairing. If you are not familiar with electronics then please don’t start. You may destroy your cell phone due to lake of knowledge.

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