Touching Mobile Phone Battery With Tongue

Hello Friends how are you? I hope you will be fine. today i am going to tell you about touching a cell phones battery with tongue is how much dangerous. so don’t go away and read this post to end if you really wana know about this.

Have you noticed when you go to some cellphone repair shops to repair your cellphone. Some mobile technicians doing their first work take cellphones battery out and touch with their tongue. i asked so many technicians and people who doing this why you doing this?

  • Some people told that i am testing battery power.
  • Some people told me that if cellphone won’t turn On. when we do this cellphone will start power on.
  • Some said I have seen cellphone so many technicians do this to fix phone.

Correct answers of these questions and misunderstanding.

Q = Can we test battery power with tongue?


A = No our tongue can’t test battery volts so please don’t touch.

Q= Can we fix dead or not powering on cellphone with our tongue?

A = No we can’t but if we do we are going to damage permanently phones battery terminals and batteries own terminals.

Q = Why it is dangerous to touch mobile phones battery to tongue?

A = Because every cellphone battery terminals and battery terminals are already have Gold layer on it. So when we touch these with our tongue we left  spittle (liquid) on these. so when current run from these humid terminals. we can see a carbon layer on these after few hours. this carbon is is the main reason of cellphone not power on. and when cellphone not power on some people touch phones battery with tongue. when they do this the battery current now can pass through from these due to humidity. so cellphone again power on until carbon again gone dry. Actually people don’t know the real problem so they can’t fix this. The healthy battery terminals can be seen in picture below


If we tempered this gold layer then battery can’t give enough power to phone so phone making problems.

Problem That Come After Touching Batteries With Tongue.

  • Restarting again and again
  • Power on without sim normally but not with sim[because phone need more power to register with network]
  • Phone gone power off in pocked [because of poor connection with battery]
  • Phone need packing behind battery to work properly due to loos connections with battery.


Only one solution Please don’t touch cell phones battery with tongue also keep will clean battery and cellphones battery terminals.