[Guide] How to Fix Broken Power Button Without Replacing

Fix Broken Power and Volume Buttons Without Replacing:

To be more professional you must know some techniques to prove yourself. Yes in this post i am going to write about How to Fix Broken Power Button Without Changing, In other words We can repair broken power and volume keys like factory assembled.

In above picture i have highlighted broken volume down switch, This picture was captured before fixing volume button. Please continue reading to get answered for some questions that are running in your mind after reading title for this post.

Why I Repaired Broken Volume Button Without Replacing With New One?

Why i have not replaced buttons with new one? This is not an alone question to be answered, Let me explain the reality of fix power and volume buttons without replacing.

I have noticed in my 11 years experience in cellphone repairing, That We can’t get 100% original parts in less price. If we need an original Cellphone Replacement part then sure we must pay for it. But unfortunately due to big competition sellers only importing parts that are available in cheapest price, and can give them more profit then original replacement part. I also can not import parts directly due to less consumption. So this is my first priority that continue using of original part due to We don’t ever compromise on our quality.

  • We don’t ever compromise on our quality.
  • Because of no one can challenge us about service quality.
  • Original fitting is always more reliable then modifications.
  • We can’t solder cleanly like robots used by factory always.

Watch Full Video Tutorial About: How to Fix Broken Power and Volume Buttons?

This is just an idea, You can repair any gadget using this method. Please let me know if you have any problem regarding this post. Please leave your comments below, We never ever ignore your comments.

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