Blackberry Bold 9780 No Display Light Fix

In this post i have shared “Blackberry Bold 9780 No Display Light Fix” But this will be much useful for you if you read this post before starting to fix no lcd light in blackberry bold.

Blackberry Bold 9780 No Display Light History:

Because of we i am running a cellphone repair shop, I get this phone for repair from one of my regular customer. We mostly doing latest smartphones, Because old phone don’t give enough revenue to survive in this field i rejected this because i have not spare LCD for Blackberry Bold 9780. He came back and come again after few days with a spare phone. so accepted and started fault tracing.

Blackberry Bold LCD Light Solution:

I have noticed that Blackberry have used 3 FR ( fuse Resistor ) and i found one from these was not working, That was used in series of light control circuit. I have pointed this with arrow and 1 digit. So in my case this was damaged and with multi meter this was not showing me any continuity. So i removed this and made a jumper that works like a charm.

Marked part in picture below was broken where so making jumper at this place works for me without any problem. I suggest you to check part via multimeter before removing and starting modifications. If marked part in picture below where working fine then check Resistor near sim socket.

I hope this method will work also for you. If you have any problem regarding this post please write in comments below. I will try to answer as soon as possible. Follow us on YouTube, Facebook, Google Plus for more.

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