Docomo NEC N-04C Medias Hard Reset

Docomo NEC N-04 Wipe Data / Factory Reset

Guys! if you are in search of Docomo NEC N-04C Medias Hard Reset method then you are at right place. I this post i am going to write how to wipe data and factory reset NEC N-04C Medias. Please read all post before continue.

Docomo NEC N-04C Medias Hard Reset:

  • Turn off your device
  • Press and hold [VOL+] + [VOL-] + [Power Key]
  • Wait until you see Download Mode on screen
  • Then press VOL- You will see System Recovery
  • Select Wipe Data/Factory Reset
  • Use Volume Down for Cursor And Volume Up for Select
  • Select Yes to delete all user data
  • Now device will ask for password
  • If your device IMEI is 123456789012345 then your password will be 2234.
  • If this password not worked then you should try combinations written below.
Take the second digit then the last 4 and last 3 and last 2 in the IMEI then it is the password for recovery Source

If you still not understand you can visit NTT Docomo Medias TAB UL N-08D Hard Reset. Written more clear post with video tutorial.

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