NTT Docomo Medias TAB UL N-08D Hard Reset

In this post i am going to share hard reset method for Docomo N-08D Medias TAB UL. Because i have spent lots of my time to search hard reset method for N-08D but i was failed. I have also read Docomo official page About PINs and Passwords but nothing found there. They only mentioned 0000 as device password but this not worked for me.

I also tried lots of combinations mentioned about N-04C at gsmhosting but this method was hard to understand. After lots of combinations used and internet search i am now able to tell how to calculate master password for Docomo N-08D Medias TAB UL. So please keep reading till end of this post i hope you will learn something as me.

NTT Docomo Medias TAB UL N-08D Hard Reset:

  • Turn off your device
  • Press and hold [VOL+] + [VOL-] + [Power Key]
  • Wait until you see Download Mode on screen
  • Then press VOL- You will see System Recovery
  • Select Wipe Data/Factory Reset
  • Use Volume Down for Cursor And Volume Up for Select
  • Select Yes to delete all user data
  • Now device will ask for password

During my search i have seen Docomo have used a special password for every device based on IMEI. So you can extract device password using method described below. I have tested this method and this worked like a charm for me on N-08D. If your Docomo device have IMEI 123456789012345 you can use 2234 as device password.


How to Wipe data/ Factory reset Docomo N-08D TAB Video Tutorial:

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    1. You can see IMEI printed on back of every device, I think i have shown in video. If you have not imei then i have no idea. But we can also read imei in fastboot mode if you have.

    1. Dear if you can read and understand then follow the given instructions. I am sure you can do but if you are unable to do and can pay for it then contact me by whatsapp i will try to fix this for you.

  1. Hail! A similar problem with the device “Panasonic toughpad FX-X1”. But this method of password generation is not suitable for it. Is it possible to think of something?

  2. Hail! A similar problem with the device “Panasonic toughpad FZ-X1”. But this method of password generation is not suitable for it. Is it possible to think of something?

    1. We need little bit more information because still not received this on our service lab. Just confirm can you enter into fastboot mode? if yes then will give you more information for how to reset p-08d using fastboot.

      1. Problem Eluga tab need 10 dugit pasword,
        How can i generate 10 digit pasword?

        And secondly after 10 digit pasword i have not seen “ok” option, there is only three options


        What can i do??

  3. I have an NTT DoCoMo tablet. I have completely misplaced the password and it’s not what it should be. I tried contacting the Japanese website but the tablet was not registered with them as i don’t speak japanese. After 6 hours i couldn’t get the registration to do anything. Got do the hard reset is fine but it asked for a pass code giving 10 spaces for it i tried the second and the first three of the last four, and it did not work. I wanted to let my daughter use it for her college assignments but I can’t get into it with our password or code. Please help

    1. Android devices ko reset karnay ke taqreeban sab brands ke tareeqay mukhtalif hotay hain, but miltay jultay bhi hotay hain. aap buttons ke combination try karein in mein yeh code wali problem hoti hai agar aap ki device peh code nahein mangay to buttons ke mukhtalif combinations se yeh recovery mode mein ja sakti hi. Yeh model kabhi kiya nahein hoga ya bahut asaani se ho giya hoga so is ka kuchh yaad nahein.

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