This post is about Motorola droid razr M fake charging solution, Yes you can repair you phone at home easily by following some easy steps. You must read this post before starting because if you do any mistake during modification you may get damaged phone. Don’t worry i have tested on my own phone and Motorola droid razr m fake charging repair method give below working like a charm.

Motorola Droid Razr M Fake Charging Symptoms:

In my case my Motorola XT 907 battery gone dead due to fake charging, mean when i connect charger to my Motorola XT 907 it shows me charging but i noticed after few minutes battery percentage gone down. So i have tested by changing charger also this also not helped me.

  • Battery percentage going down with connected charger
  • Phone gone fully dead due to fake charging
  • Motorola XT 907 showing only green light when charger is connected

Requirements to Repair Motorola XT 907 Fake Charging?

  • You must be able to open phone search disassembly video on YouTube
  • A 30 – 45 watts Soldering iron
  • 0.7 MM Solder wire
  • Solder Paste Flux Cream
  • A piece of copper wire to make a jumper

How to repair Motorola fake charging?

You need to make a jumper as shown in picture below, You can also user a little diode here but you should know where can we get and how to put a diode in series circuits. This time i am using a copper wire jumper to repair fake charging.

Example picture after making jumper

Note: This method is tested and working perfectly but i am not responsible for any damage, do all at your own risk.

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