QMobile Power 8 Boot Key + Read Password

QMobile Power 8 Boot Key + Read Password can be found below. I have shared this because it is very hard to find SPD phones boot keys. so this post is about QMobile Power 8 Boot Key, This phone is based on SPD 6531A screenshots and log can be found below.

QMobile Power 8 Boot Key:

Zero key is boot key for QMobile poer 8, Press Zero key and connect usb cable to phone phone should detected successfully. If you have any problem you can use boot jig or can make boot cable for SPD and Android phones.

QMobile Power 8 Read Password:

You can read QMobile power 8 user code by selecting SPD6531 and tick Alternative LDR Mode in Infinity CM2SPD Module.

If you are using Miracle box you can select SPD6531A in boot selection.

QMobile Power 8 Read Password Log:

Operation : Read User Code [ v1.24 ]

1. Remove battery. Insert USB cable
 2. Press and hold BootKey ( Skip, if use BootCable )
 3. Insert battery

==== Wait for phone...

Phone found! [ 109 ]
 Port Opened
 InitBoot Done [ 0x81 ] , Ver : SPRD3
 Sending boot ...
 Boot Sent , starting...
 Boot Ver : Spreadtrum Boot Block version 1.2
 Boot Ok
 CPU ID : 6531 , FDLStat : 0100
 [0] Flash DIE : 00C8 0060 0016 0000
 [0] Flash VEN : GigaDevice , GD25LQ32
 [0] Flash CAP : 00400000
 Check data... Can take some time

User Code : 525786


Elapsed: 00:00:06

Reconnect Power/Cable!

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