Data Recovery From Dead or Bricked Android Cellphone

Data recovery from Android bricked or dead cellphones. yes we can recover user data from dead or no none working Android devices. Sometimes when Android phones show us QHSUSB_BULK device manager when we connect the cellphone to PC. Sometimes Windows prompts us to format the disks at connecting to PC via USB cable.

When your Cellphone suddenly gone dead or gone bricked during experiments, And you have very important data in cellphone. When you connect Cellphone to PC and Windows shows you so many drives or Windows prompts you to format the disks. Don’t worry i am going to share data recovery method from dead android cellphones that show only QHSUSB_BULK in device manager and showing so many drives and asking to format drives.


1. Windows defines the device as QHSUSB_BULK 
2. Windows prompts you to format the disks (pc.10)

What You Need:

  1. A Android Cellphone with important data, That you have not backup copy!
  2. You Android cellphone battery must be fully charged.
  3. A Original USB cable

Data Recovery Process From Dead Cellphone:

1. Download the Ext2fsd – the latest version can be download sourceforge
2. Install Ext2fsd and reboot your Computer
3. Start Ext2fsd 
4. Find the disk corresponding to the memory capacity of our unit (16GB / 32GB) 
5. Then press the right mouse button the selected drive (PTP) And select ext2 Managment 
6. In the opened menu we put the following checkboxes:

  • Mount volume in readonly mode
  • Autonatically mount via Ext2Mgr (on the contrary, choose the drive letter)

7. Click Apply 
8. Open My Computer and browse the contents of the mounted disk and search for the  files which you want backup
9. Make a backup copy of the required files on your computer’s hard drive.
10. Happy End! [Follow me via Google Plus]

If your cellphone unable to show drives or you have any other problem, and you wana retrieve you important data from your cellphone. We can recover user data from bricked, fully dead phone, broken cellphone that unable to power on. You can contact us any time. We can recovery data via 4 different ways, We can read data from eMMC chip only.

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