How to Unlock LG Risio 2 With Z3X

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In this post i am going to shared unlock method of LG Risio 2 using z3x box, So you can continue if you have z3x box with lg activation. If you have not z3x with lg activation you can learn from this post also. you can use any LG service device, This connection method of lg android phone with pc is same for every device.

How to Unlock LG M154 (LG Risio 2)

1. Go to to the phone dialer and enter #546368#154#
2. Click on SVC Menu
3. Click on Port Check Test and enable
4. Go back to LG Tool and click on Manual Choice of Models in the options section
5. Select the LG USB port in the port drop down
6. Select Search phone and you should get phone information. Make a note of your imei number
7. Click Unlock
8. After process completes, your IMEI will probably be 0
9. If this is the case, run 0 IMEI Fix in Repair section
10. Reboot phone and you should be unlocked

Visit source post if you want to see unlock log


Good Luck!

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