Free Samsung Touch Glass Replacement Training Course

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Samsung Touch Glass Replacement Training

Due to popularity smartphones these days, The broken touch screens are going to be a challenge for all cellphone technicians. Almost every mobile phone technician receiving 40% broken touch screens / glass of their work. So we must have better grip in changing broken touch glasses to survive in mobile phone repairing field.

Because this course is for beginners, So we will start this from manual and simple tools, so you will have better learning opportunity, with simple and manual machines. After learning with manual machines you can easily work with automatic machines also.

Thia course is in Urdu / Hindi language, people who don’t know these languages can also continue, Because i have visualized almost every step in this course. I will also try to write detail in English.

Touch Glass Replacement Course Content

This course for beginners so i have made detailed video lectures. I have tried to show and describe everything related topic, No fast forwards,

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