Samsung Download Mode Fix

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In this post i will try to mention how to exit from download mode in Samsung phones that have fixed battery. So please read this post carefully and follow only when you understand completely. This post i have copied from my own blog source post, This method will not only work on Samsung mobile phones but this will be useful for every phone which have fixed battery.

Mostly Android Smartphones coming with fixed battery. And normally we can’t exit them from download mode or fast mode without PC, Because we can’t disconnect phones battery easily, so i am going to share a tip for those people who facing “Smartphone stuck in download mode or fast boot.

Method One – How to power reset Smartphones with fixed battery?

This method will work on all brands Smartphones every smartphone that come with fixed battery. We can easily reset power by pressing power key for 20 to 30 seconds. Press and hold power key for 20 to 30 seconds and release when logo appear on screen.

Second Method – How to Fix Samsung Download Mode?

Mostly this method is very useful for Samsung smartphones. How to fix Samsung download mode.

Press and hold all available keys like

(Volume Up + Volume Down + Home + Power Key)

Third MethodHow to power reset Apple iphone?

This method i am writing specially for Apple iphone, for all iphone, ipad, ipod devices. We can reset iphone power by holding Home + Power button for 20 seconds.

Good Luck!

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