Samsung GT C3222 Sim Lock Code Reset

How to Remove Sim Lock From Samsung C3222

For Samsung GT C3222 Sim Lock Code Reset you need z3x c3300k rj45 cable, Z3X box with installed sw ver: 3.5.0040 or later. let me describe hot unlock samsung c3222?


Open Samsung 2G Tool v3.5.0040 or later.

Select Z3X com port and boud rate mean speed.

Connect c3300k rj45 cable to z3x box.

Press Direct Unlock and follow the instructions give by z3x box log window.

It will ask you to connect phone to cable and press Power button in 3 seconds.

Phone will go to TAT Mode and show blue screen after few seconds you will see

Unlock – ok in log window.


Samsung GT  Sim Lock Code Reset Screenshot:



Samsung GT  Sim Lock Code Reset Log:

Selected model: C3222

Selected com port: COM10

Selected speed port: 921600

Please, connect phone and press power button 3 seconds

Phone Detected

Use automatic parameters Phone in TAT MODE

Phone SW: C3222JPJL2

Phone CSC: C3222OJPJL2

Phone BT ADDR: 0418-0F-7BD7A7

Phone IMEI: 35529504xxxxx

Deactivated MSL - TRUE

Unlock - ok Elapsed time: 31 second, sw ver: 3.5.0040

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