Samsung Camera Glass Replacement

If you have any Smartphone with broken camera glass especially Samsung phones, You can easily fix your phone by following this guide. i am going share a very important information with you guys, so i suggest you to read post till end including video to understand the problem. You may have noticed sometimes mobile phone camera lens gone blur after service by technicians who don’t have knowledge how to clean mobile phone camera lens?

Can i replace camera glass easily?

If you follow my instructions there are less chances of damaging such part during service. Because i have explained in details in video. If you can’t understand Urdu language then you should read the post content to be more experienced. in camera glass replacement for any smartphone. The only difficult part for you is camera glass lens availability.

Products used in this video:

You can but required things from pakfones online shop or from anywhere near you, Where you feel easy. But we recommend you to buy and use only original / high quality spare parts.

  1. Camera glass replacement for Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime

  2. T7000 Adhesive  black (15ml)

How to remove broken camera glass?

If you are unable to understand urdu language then no problem, Just watch and follow the shown steps in video. We used hot air gun to remove broken glass from Samsung Galaxy phones, but you can use anything which you have to give some heat to broken glass. Be very careful phone plastic body can be destroyed easily if you done any mistake and overheated the phone. Watch and follow the video in this post for more.

How to clean camera lense?

I alway recommend that be very careful during work, don’t touch on camera lense if it is already clear. some people destroying their phone camera by touch on it only. camera lense can’t be clean 100% after touching on it by hands or dusty cloth. But in some cases when camera lense already blur and cleaned by someone then we can use eye drops to clean camera lense. follow the video for more.

How i replaced Samsung Grand Prime camera glass?

If you are unable to understand any step in this video or post please let me know via comments, i will try to reply as soon as possible. follow us for more.

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