huawei mediapad s7-721u sim card holder repair

Huawei mediapad s7-721u Sim card jacket damaged solution. here you will see how i repaired Huawei mediapad last day witch was come with damaged sim socket. that i not found in market so i decided to use other sim socket witch was from Nokia phone.

How i done?

  • i just traced socket tracks  witch you can see in pictures.
  • get other sim socket that was not same.
  • made wire contacts as shown in picture.
Note: This method is tested and working profectly. So i will responsible if you damaged your device your own mistake.
Problems: only  you need to power off device and turn it on to detect sim because i not used original sim socket if you get original sim socket you can use it directly no need to make modification.
Good Luck!
Keep Remember me in your prayers.

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