How to software upgrade PTCL EVO Tab [guide]

PTCL EVO Tab software upgrade guide.
What we need ?
  1. PTCL evo tab bricked or working device
  2. Memory Card minimum 2GB
  3. Card reader
  4. [Don’t use wrong firmware file your device may be dead if used incorrect file firmware file must be same as your device and must be official] 

How to upgrade:

Format SD card to FAT32 and put to SD Card,s main directory. device battery must be fully charged or up to 50% otherwise your device may be dead during update or not go to recovery menu. now insert card to EVO Tab and press volume up [+] and power key for 10 seconds you will see screen like picture below.20150907_135615

Don’t worry just press back key you will be here like picture
Now use volume down key and select Apply SD Card if you have selected correct device will verify and start upgrade process.

20150907_134816 20150907_135527

Note: Do at you own risk don’t cry if you bricked your device by your mistake or by following this guide. so careful before doing anything.

Leave comments below or contact us for any problem.

Good Luck!

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