Huawei G610-U20 Upgrading SD Card method

Huawei G610-U20 Upgrading SD Card method

In this article, I am going to share Huawei G610-U20 upgrading via sd card. So read this post carefully and when you understand it all then start doing this.

What do we need to do this?

  • Huawei G610 bricked of working phone for the test.
  • Firmware file form G610-U20
  • 4 GB SD Card formatted at FAT32
  • A Computer with installed MTK 65xx Drivers and WinRAR or any other software that can unzip firmware file.
  • A High Quality USB Cable.
  • Huawei G610-U20 UPDATE.APP [Firmware]  file size 1.02 GB Approximately.

How to do it?

  • Make a new folder in the main directory of SD Card and rename it to dload.
  • Copy UPDATE.APP to dload folder.
  • Phone battery must be over 50% charged.
  • Insert SD Card to phone and press Volum + and Volum down button then press power on and release power key when you see SD Card upgrade started on screen.
Note: I have done successfully as you have seen screenshots. Please don’t cry if you bricked your phone by your mistake wrong file selection or hardware fault in the phone. sometimes I failed because the phone’s internal memory chip EMMC was corrupted. so do it at your own risk I am not responsible for any damage to your device.
I will also try to post another flashing method for this model so you can search for more information about Huawei phones in Huawei Category.
Thank you for reading you also leave comments or visit my service lab if you have any problem.

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