Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram are down, it’s not your phone’s fault

Facebook WhatsApp and Instagram are down

If notice your phone has a problem refreshing your Facebook or Instagram feed and making you wonder why the WhatsApp text you sent a few hours ago has not received a response yet, you’re not alone. All three services are facing an outage right now and are down for millions of users around the world.

Both mobile and desktop versions of these services are affected, and Facebook has acknowledged that there’s an issue and they are working on a fix. But there’s no estimated time for when these will go back to normal, and given how it’s been many hours since the three services have been down, the issue looks to be a serious one and may not be resolved for a while longer.

Facebook Official Tweet:

WhatsApp and Facebook are back to normal

Whatever the case may be, you can follow Facebook’s Twitter account to find out when service is restored. We’ll update this article once there are any new developments, and in the meantime, you can check our YouTube channel to pass your time as you wait for your favorite social media apps to come back online.

Source: electroplus.pk / Sammobile.com

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