PTA Marking mobile devices as non-compliant after few days of payments

PTA Marking mobile devices as non-compliant

If you are facing a problem regarding PTA custom duty and getting a reply “your mobile device is non-compliant, your device will be blocked after 1 day of its first use on Pakistani Mobile Network.” you’re suggested to read this article & watch the video below to understand the reason, why PTA Marking mobile devices as non-approved after few days of payments.

One of my friends paid PTA Custom duty for his Samsung Galaxy a few days ago, but unfortunately, his mobile phone disapproved after few days of payment.

He connected to PTA via the official website of the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority regarding his mobile phone issue, and He got a reply from PTA, they asked for the information highlighted below.

Reply From PTA Against Non-Compliant IMEI:

*Please email the required documents at [email protected] ** Dear Concerned, As per analysis, your provided IMEI Number is a duplicated (which means that your device is cloned/re-programmed) which is not permitted as per law.

In order to verify that either your device is genuine or not, please provide the following documents so that same can be validated by your device manufacturer.

(1) Screenshot of IMEI Number(s) and Serial Number by dialling *#06# or from device info option available in Settings option or from device box.

(2) Colour of the device.

(3) All of your mobile numbers that you would like to pair with the device along with the network provider name.

As per SOP, if the device is found to be genuine same shall be paired with your mobile and you could continue using services against those numbers. In case the device is not verified by the manufacturer, your case would be dismissed.

We can understand easily that PTA only giving one favor to the original user of the IMEI, that His told numbers can be paired with the IMEI number which is not marked as non-compliant by the PTA after checking the submitted documents.

If you are unable to understand the message being displayed on the PTA Device verification app, just watch the video below. it’s first part is about PTA notification that saying, PTA will mark all mobile devices that already activated on Pakistani mobile networks before 20 October 2018.

The second part of the video is about the reply statuses from PTA being displayed on PTA device verification app.

I hot you have understood, please let me know via the comment box below if you have any questions regarding this article.

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