How To Remove Google Account Huawei Y6 SCL-L04

How To Remove Google Account Huawei Y6 SCL-L04?

To unlock huawei y6 new security phones with DC-Unlocker ? User must have already installed fastboot drivers to unlock frp. This unlock will cost you 4 DC-Unlocker credits. One credit = 1 euro

1 = Press  vol – and connect usb cable
2 = Select fastboot
3 = Connect phone to pc and install drivers
4 = Select manufacturer huawei phones
5 = Select model or auto detect
6 = Press detect phone
7 = Press unlock button
8 = Press Factory reset protection erase under unlock
9 = Will be done in few seconds.


Note: This method is paid method this cost me 4 DC-Unlocker credits. So please write in comments if you found and free working solution to help others. I have posted just for help if we doing this with dc unlocker.

FRP Remove Video: Will be available soon.



FRP Remove Log:

Before detection Huawei Android phones, enable 'Manufacture' mode: 
in dial pad type *#*#2846579#*#* for Qualcomm and Kirin based models, or *#*#14789632#*#* for MTK, then select 
'Background settings', 
'USB ports settings', 
'Manufacture mode'.

DC - Unlocker 2 Client 1.00.1332

Detecting phone :

selection :
manufacturer - Huawei phones
model - Auto detect (recommended)

Found Phone : HUAWEI SCL-L04
Model : Huawei phone in fastboot mode
Serial NR. : 8ST7N15Bxxxxxxx
Firmware : SCL-L04C654B130

FB LockState: LOCKED
widevine LockState: LOCKED
Bootloader Lock State: LOCKED
Root State: UNROOT
Bootloader WidevineKey: WidevineKey_VALID
System State: need to verify
Boot image need to be verified
Recovery image need to be verified
Bootloader Version: 001.001.000
Battery state: 3763mv


Check account status

User : 013xxxxx
Credits left : 19
Support till : 8/10/2017

Activated features:
Huawei CDMA modem unlocker
ZTE Qualcomm and Huawei Hisilicon modems Flasher

Unlock Huawei phone in fastboot mode cost 4 cr

Factory reset protection Erase start

Erase FRP done!

Credits left : 15

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