Google Santa Tracker:Best App for following Santa live on Christmas eve

Google Santa Tracker

Google Santa Tracker is one of the easiest and best ways to track Santa as he tours the world, giving goodies to everyone on his nice list this year.

UPDATE TWO: Santa has left the North Pole and is currently heading over Russia. Google’s Santa Tracker will follow the progress of Father Christmas for the entirely of the day.

UPDATE ONE: It is now less than 45minutes until Santa takes off from the North Pole.

The tubby toymaker is surely putting the last few toys into his sack before he begins to deliver them.


Every year Santa fills his sack to the brim with incredible gifts that range from the latest and greatest tech to the most delicious chocolates. Once everything is packed onto this sleigh, Father Christmas then lifts off and flies across the globe thanks to the help of his nine reindeer.

Those eagerly anticipating the arrival of Santa are able to track his movements using the Google Santa Tracker app that provides his precise location in real-time. Google Santa Tracker is available to download for free on the Google Play Store but can also be used on desktops via the Google Santa Tracker website.

The application is the perfect way to track the progression of Father Christmas on the go.

The software presents users with a cartoon representation of Santa and will mark the location of places he has already visited.

At the bottom of the screen the app states where Father Christmas currently is in addition to how many gifts he has already delivered.

It is worth noting the software also has a number of other nifty features.

Google Santa Tracker allows people to message Santa directly, meaning you can ask him for last-minute presents you forgot to put on your list.

The app also features a number of games that are perfect for making the wait to Christmas fly by.

Additionally, Google Santa Tracker allows users to make their own elf and decorate them with a troop of accessories.

Moreover, a Santa Tracker sticker pack for Gboard has been added this year, meaning Android fans can make their messages to family and friends feel more festive.

You can download the Google Santa tracker for Android Smartphones here.

The desktop version of the software presents users with a similar layout and functionality.

One of the benefits of using the computer client is the fact it will tell you where Santa is going to head next.

You can use Google Santa Tracker on your desktop by following this link.

It is worth noting iPhone suers will have to use the desktop version of the client as the application is exclusive to Android.


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