Xiaomi Redmi Fastboot and Restart Solution

In this post we are going to tell u about an issue of fastboot mode in redmi Smartphones how to solve this kind of issues or by which thing being cause for this issue creates this. So you should read this post and watch video tutorial in Urdu to solve your Xiaomi Redmi Entering to Fastboot Automatically and Restart Solution step by step.


First off all i m going to  tell you that how this type of issue create in different types of mobile phones especially in redmi mobiles the name of the issue is automatically entering to fastboot mode and then restart. And also how to find out the thing by which this type of issue create.


  1. The first reason should be liquid damaged.
  2. 2nd one should be shortage somewhere due to electric shock.

How to know the Reason Redmi is switching to fastboot automatically and then restart?

First of all turn off your cellphone by removing its battery, or open your phone and disconnect battery. Then check your battery have enough current via Multimeter not by touching on you tongue. Then follow the video below or continue reading if you don’t know Urdu language.

1. Insert or connect battery and note is your cellphone powered up automatically?

If yes then the Power button your smartphone may be shorted. If no then your cellphone’s power button is not shorted.

2. If your Xiaomi Redmi phone have power button on board then first clean or replace it then check. If you smartphone have power button on a separate flex, then just disconnect it’s connector.

3. How to clean power button flex for any smartphone is already show in above video.

In my case the power button flex was shorted due to liquid, so i cleaned using Falcon 530 Contact Cleaner and job done.

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