How to Activate iPhone 7 Without Home Button

Are you looking for an activation method for Apple devices with a broken Home button or touch ID after Restore. In this video, i am going to show how can we active an apple device with the broken home button or touch ID Let’s Start…

How to Activate Apple Devices Without Home Button

1- Open iTunes
2- Click on the device icon
3- Scroll up and click on “Configure accessibility”
4- Then select “VoiceOver” and “Speak Auto text”
5- Click “OK”
6- Your Apple device will start “Voice Over” don’t worry
7- Double Tap Double tap on the Press home to open text
8- Your apple device will open the setup screen then you activate it as normal.
9- Don’t stop here You must activate Assistive touch in accessibility settings.
10- After getting an assistive touch on the screen you can close now.
11- Good Luck . . . .

Complete video tutorial

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