Basic ADB and Fastboot Commands

Some Basic ADB and Fastboot Commands For Beginners.

Here is a list of some of the adb and terminal commands used for Android devices frequently. I found that I was always having to look up these commands so I figured I would start keeping track of the common ones in case they can help anyone else. If any of these needs corrections or if you have a good one to add please post in comments.

You can run these commands via cmd (command prompt) after connecting your Android devices and correct driver installation. Make a folder with name of adb in C:\ drive in main directory. Then copy adb files download from Minimal ADB and Fastboot Latest Version

Note, I type “cd C:\adb” to get to my Android folder before doing these commands in the command prompt in windows. That way when I do things like pull apps they end up in “C:\adb\apps”, same thing if I want to send I file to my phone I throw it in my Android folder and send it to the phone from there.

ADB Commands:

Pull apps off phone onto computer

adb pull /system/sd/app app
adb pull /system/sd/app-private app-private

Push apps back to phone from the computer

adb push app /system/sd/app
adb push app-private /system/sd/app-private

Delete existing apps on SD

adb shell rm -r /system/sd/app
adb shell rm -r /system/sd/app-private

Through Terminal

Partition SD card – This erases everything on your SD card (size being the size of the FAT32 partition)

$  su
# cd /data
# wget
# chmod 555 sdsplit
# /data/sdsplit -fs *size* (add -nc to the end for JFv1.5ADP)

From the Recovery Screen

Sending an update file to your SD card:

adb shell mount /sdcard
adb shell rm /sdcard/
adb push *filename* /sdcard/

ADB Sideload From Recovery

adb sideload <filename> and hit Enter

adb sideload


Restoring a nandroid backup – Start command-prompt/terminal cd to the nandroid folder and enter following commands

fastboot erase boot
fastboot erase recovery
fastboot flash system system.img
fastboot flash boot boot.img
fastboot flash userdata data.img
fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
fastboot reboot

Get device information via fastboot command:

fastboot getvar all

Stay tuned i will add some more command to make this post all in adb and fastboot commands.

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