Nokia Bicycle Charger

Charge your phone with free and eco-friendly energy when you on bicycle.

Use your own pedal power to charge your phone for free, efficiently and reliably, when you cycle. This durable charging kit is a convenient way to make sure you can stay in touch.

Dynamo: 40.5 x 94.5 mm
Charger: 70 x 34 x 21 mm
Phone holder
Connecting cables: 500 mm + 375 mm (from charger to dynamo), 350 mm (from charger to phone)

2 mm charging interface

Power generation:
Compatible with bottle type bicycle dynamos with 6 V/3 W and 12 V/3 W output
5.0 V/450 mA/15 km/h.
Maximum current 70 mA
Charging starts at ~6 km/h and maximum output is achieved at 25 km/h.
Charging stops when the speed reaches 50 km/h.
Charging time depends on cycling speed, for example a Nokia 1202 with a 860 mAh battery can be charged with about 20 minutes of cycling at a speed of about 10 km/h (for the Nokia 1202 this would mean approximately 57 mins talk time or 74 h standby time)

Sales Package contents:
Bottle Dynamo for Bicycles
Nokia Bicycle Charger DC-14
Nokia Phone Holder for Bicycles CR-124
4 black re-usable cable ties
Plastic bag (to protect the phone against dust and humidity)

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