iphone4 Back Camera Fix

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I this post i am going to post iphone4 back camera fix, So if you are in search of iphone4 back camera solution, You are at right place. Please don’t ignore and direct follow given pictures below. To repair Apple iphone 4 back camera please read all post then try.

Why Mobile Phone cameras stop working suddenly?

There are few reasons for mobile phone camera stop working. You can read and can understand easily which one is the reason of cell phone camera stop working suddenly. Check all components related mobile phone camera deeply one by one. Some of these you can see below.

  1. Dust in camera connector
  2. Broken camera connector
  3. Broken camera flex
  4. Faulty camera tracks and related parts
  5. Removed or faulty camera related parts
  6. Broken parts related mobile phone camera

How to repair iphone4 back camera?

In my case i found the broken joint resistor, you can in picture below. So after conformation of its breakage, i just made a jumper you can see in second picture. If you have also broken joint resistor you can follow my picture

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Note: Please do all at your own risk, I will not responsible for any damage, Only play with electronics gadgets if you are familiar with them.

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