Alcatel 7024w firmware 7024W-2[X=B]B5US1.osp

Alcatel 7024w firmware 7024W-2[X=B]B5US1.osp

To flash the phone you must have Furious Gold Pack 6 activated dongle or box.  So follow screenshot below to flash alcatel 4024w mtk based phone. i have lost screenshot with successfully flashed phone. if i get this again i will try to update this post with log and screenshot. i get this firmware very hardly because i have not activated furious gold support. so i have shared for other people.




Firmware : 7024W-2[X=B]B5US1.osp

How to flash Alcatel 7024W with Furious Gold Video?

Note: This firmware can be flashed with Furious Gold Pack 6 activated devices. Please Subscribe via email to get new posts notifications.

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