Infinity BEST Learning Course

Infinity BEST Dongle [BB5 Easy Service Tool] is really the best and cheapest Nokia software service tool available in the market these days, Infinity BEST become compulsory for every cell phone software service shop. I have decided to add this course for free for everyone.

Infinity BEST Learning Course Content:

  • Infinity BEST Software introduction.
  • How to install and configure Infinity BEST software?
  • How to install Nokia drivers?
  • How to download and select firmware files?
  • How to Read phone information
  • How to Flash phone
  • How to Reset Nokia phone to factory settings
  • How to Read / Reset Usercode (depends on model)
  • How to Network Unlock Nokia phones (depends on model)
  • How selfTest works? (SelfTest, adc, display test, keyboard)
  • How to Format File System Nokia Phones?
  • How to Read / Write PM (Permanent Memory)
  • How to Extract user data (Gallery) (S40/S60)
  • How to Read SMS / MMS from Nokia (S40/S60 series)
  • How to Read / Write Phonebook (S40/S60)
  • Working with Nokia Life Timer (read/write / reset)
  • How to Read memory card password Nokia (S40/S60 series)

Course Information

Estimated Time: One Month

Course Instructor

Abdul Hakeem Abdul Hakeem Author

I'm a mobile phone technician serving since 2007, most of the articles are based on personal experience. if you have any question, please write in the comment box.

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Getting Started with Infinity BEST

Installation and configurations

Nokia Service Mode Operations

Nokia Flashing Methods

Userdata Extraction