How to install and configure Infinity BEST software

A.O.A, I this lecture i will show you how to install infinity BEST software, We will cover how to get license file for infinity best, How to install infinity best dongle software, how to configure infinity best software after installing first time. To get answeres for all these questions, You must watch complete video in high quality. I recommend you if you have unlimited mobile data or internet package you should watch this video in 720p or 1080 pixels.

How to install infinity BEST software?

First of all you need to download infinity BEST latest software, You can download infinity best latest software from infinity BEST support page. We have three option to download infinity BEST latest software.

After downloading you need to unzip infinity best installation package, To unzip this package you need to download 7zip, Winrar, Alzip, Winzip etc, you can download any unzip utility.

Infinity BEST Dongle Drivers

You can download your required dongle driver, there is no password protection for these file just download extract and then install, I have used Rockey2000 mostly and this is working well but it depends on your operating system and dongle hardware.

How to get infinity BEST dongle license file?

For users who going to install infinity BEST software first time, They need license file to work with infinity BEST software. This is a very simple procedure to get license file for infinity BEST dongle.

  • Install Latest Infinity BEST software open BEST.exe
  • It will prompt you to fill user information
  • Write user name and email address
  • Press OK to submit dongle SN, username and email address to infinity server
  • Infinity server will create a unique license for your dongle Serial number and submit to your given email account
  • Go to your email inbox and download license file, If you not received license key please check Spam/Junk folder.
  • Please enter your registration data very carefully
  • Copy license file to infinity BEST installation folder and done!
  • Open infinity best software and enjoy cheapest Nokia software service software.

Please Note:

If you send wrong data 2 times to infinity server, it will stop reply for next 24 hrs.

If you will see a message like contact to support to validate e-mail address please send an e-mail to ios [at] for validation.

If you want to install [Infinity BEST Software] to another PC you don’t need to get new license file, You can use the same license file from your mailbox for all your PC !



How to install and configure infinity BEST software?

Please watch this video in high quality recommended.