Most Common Smartphone Software Faults

[Most Common Smartphone Software Faults] In this lecture i will try to add Symptoms of software fault in cell phones, because of smart phone is being used mostly these days i will also try to add most Common Smartphone Software Faults. but this post is not only dedicated to smartphone faults description, Featured phone faults will be discussed also in this post.

I am receiving so many smartphones per day, my colleagues  sending customer to me to check, phone have software fault or hardware. so this post will be much useful for all people who already working in mobile phone repair field or willing to learn about cell phone repair. I will share mobile phone software faults symptoms in this post, and will describe these faults and their fixes in next lectures.

Most Common Smartphone Software Faults

We have Android smartphones from different brands in market these days. almost every cell phone manufacturer company making Android Smartphones. I am unable to find and add all smartphone manufacturers, but i know these are on top of the list of Android smartphone manufacturers e.g Samsung, Motorola, Sony, HTC, LG, Huawei, Lenovo etc, you can see android smartphones software faults symptoms below, we will describe them in next lessons in different courses.

1- Stuck on logo

2- Restart

  1. Restart after showing logo
  2. Restart by pressing call button
  3. Restart on ringtone
  4. Restart on opening Game
  5. Restart on specific app

3- Unfortunately process has stopped

  1. Unfortunately setting has stoped (cache, data file crrupted)
  2. unfortunately android has stopped
  3. unfortunately launcher has stopped
  4. unfortunately system ui has stopped
  5. unfortunately android process has stopped
  6. unfortunately the process android.process.acore has stopped
  7. unfortunately the process has stopped
  8. unfortunately the process has stopped
  9. unfortunately the process has stopped
  10. unfortunately the process has stopped
  11. unfortunately the process has stopped
  12. android.process.acore has stopped working
  13. android process acore has stopped unexpectedly
  14. android process system isn’t responding

4- Dead but getting power on supply

5- Damaged Phone security (Something wrong in PM or NV)

  1. No service
  2. IMEI corrupted (IMEI changed to 12345. ??????, 000000, 04900000)
  3. WiFi and Bluetooth button grayed or disabled

6- Miners Setting faults

  1. check operator (on call)
  2. No internet after turning on cellular data
  3. Talk back on and touch working on double tape
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