Infinity BEST Software introduction

[Infinity BEST Software introduction] Infinity BEST software is a product of infinity team, [BEST] is a short of “BB5 Easy Service Tool” At start Infinity team released this tool for only Nokia BB5 series phones. So they named it BB5 Easy Service Tool, After few years and success of this product they added other Nokia platform Mobile phones support. [BEST] BB5 Easy Service Tool is a unique and cheapest product on the market for repairing and maintenance Nokia phones.

BB5 Easy Service Tool is become most used Nokia service device of today’s market. Honestly this tool deliver us more than expectations. Infinity team proved that they are best in the world. Because they worked for almost every available mobile phone brand in the market, and they proved their work is really best.

This tool (BB5 Easy Service Tool) can handle any almost every software related problem in Nokia mobile phone any platform. Infinity BEST have 9 main tabs, It will show us sub tabs after selection main tab.

For example:

If i selected [BB5 | XGOLD] tab i will have 6 sub tabs e.g Service, Flashing, Repair, Userdata, Unlock, Misc, If i selected [MTK] i will have 4 tabs e.g Service, Flashing, Repair/Special, Unlock, These all tabs and options have different functionalities, We will describe almost every function in this course in future.


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