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  • I have to scrape for look at the track(wire)?

  • Hello, Can you post USB connection ways ? I have damaged its charging port, and it is not connecting to the computer, but only charging works,
    Please help.
    I need to flash the phone (never rooted) having some software issues, factory reset is not fixing the phone, It is not booting up (RED EYE Glowing only on screen), so here i cannot do RDS Lite method (Because USB Connection not possible with the damaged port), already have “VZW_XT907_4.4.2-KDA20.62-10_1FF”
    So it seems i already have updated Android, so i cannot update it anymore using SD card here,

    • Sorry to say i have not board in hands or not have usb port links, try to find schematics and then trace, or trace via spare phone.


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