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  1. Found my old LG-VS450PP Optimus Exceed 2 for Verizon. It was working fine when put away.
    Charged the battery on a working phone (same model) but this recently resurrected phone will not boot up. Same results using vol+ / power or just power button regardless of sequencing battery out/usb cord in or out.
    Gives error “boot certification verify” and then shuts down. Back light remains lit.
    I can get it to open into another screen (Vol- / power) that offers four options: continue reboot, factory data reset, wipe cache, safe mode boot. Selecting any of those options results in the unit shutting down.
    Vol+ plus power do not open Download window.
    While it fails to boot, I can still see two folders on my Win 7 PC: image and verinfo. Image contains numerous files . So the phone IS connected to the PC but there appears to be something else that fails to initiate “connection” as far as the LG Flash tool 2014 is concerned. Any suggestions welcome.
    Thinking of last resorts, I read somewhere of shorting a test point on the board but can’t find directions for this model.

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