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Oppo FRP unlock service is a remote service for those who have their Oppo mobile phone locked and forget their Google account credentials or device that you bought was SYNCED to an unknown user account previously. After availing Oppo FRP unlock service they can solve their FRP “verify your account” problems without leaving home.

About Android FRP (Factory Reset Protection)

Google introduced the FRP (Factory Reset Protection) feature with Android 5.0 (lollipop) in an update in 2014, and it might have secured several stolen Android gadgets from unauthorized usage. However, you may not know that it has caused trouble for genuine users as well.

FRP lock functions by verification of Google account previously used to sign in on the Android device. So, when the device is stolen, and the criminal is able to perform a factory reset, he/she wouldn’t be able to use the device without having access to a previously signed-in account of Google. This prevents access to the device by individuals other than the original owner.

However, some legit users have faced issues too. It gets irritating when you get locked out of your device but forget your Google account credentials. You can read more about it in What is FRP and how it works? article.

How does it work?

Our technician will access your Computer / Laptop with our permission in front of you. You will need a Windows Computer / Laptop and an original USB cable to start this process.

Our technician connects to your PC through a program named TeamViewer. TeamViewer is one of the best remote support programs, with a user base of 60 million. Using this program, we connect to your Computer / Laptop to unlock your device. You can see everything that our technician does in real-time, and you still have access to your PC, and the program can be closed at any time.

The best part? Only people to who you grant access can connect to your PC. And when they disconnect, they won’t be able to regain access without retaking permission from you. The good news is we can connect with your Android phone, through your computer, and take out the FRP lock from your device. It’s a fast, safe, and easy process.

What is needed?

You need to have the following:

  • A good connection to the internet
  • A Laptop / Computer with Windows 10/8/7 OS
  • A USB Cable for your Android

What’s the process?

  1. You place an order
  2. We send setup and connection instructions
  3. You follow the instructions to set up your PC and phone
  4. One of our technicians will contact you
  5. The technician removes the FRP lock
  6. We will wait until you say it’s done 🙂
  7. You are happy

How long does FRP Unlock Service Take?

The average completion time is 10-30 minutes once you give access to your computer. It just depends on how quickly you set things up. The average time is 10 minutes and less for existing customers.

To begin, just place an order and follow the instructions sent by us. You can also use the live chat function. Enjoy complete removal of FRP lock today.

Note: Please keep in mind this is not a Network Unlock service. User data will be removed if your phone has a screen lock and you have a note unlock password. Please mention in an additional note about it and also tell our technician before grant access to your computer.

*Note: Oppo online service is not stable, may not be available most of the time, anyway you can get more information via the contact us page, or via WhatsApp.



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