Data Recovery from a Dead or Non Working Android Phone

Are you looking for data recovery from a dead or non working Android phone? You are at right place because we can help you to recover data from your dead or non working Android phone. But before placing your data recovery from a dead Android phone, you are advised to read whole description, because it’s very important for us specially for you.

Possibilities of data recovery from a dead Android phone

Before going ahead let me clear one thing that it is not possible to recover user data from a dead phone via software only because we need working connection also. If you Google for “data recovery from a dead phone” you will see lots of websites claiming that their software can recover user data from dead phone, 98% from them are fake.

Let me tell you why? As a student of mobile software programming, i know we can make a connection with a mobile phone from a computer via only available communication methods USB port, Serial port, Bluetooth, Mobile network, WiFi, NFC and Memory card, no other connection method is available till today in my knowledge.

But in case of a dead or non working mobile phone, we can make a connection between a mobile phone and computer via USB, JTAG, ISP and direct connection to internal storage chip (Direct eMMC) method with supported software.

In some cases we can recover data from a dead phone via computer using USB cable and supported software, but it must have working communication parts like USB jack, CPU, Power management IC, Internal storage device and some other parts related to make phone detectable.  As per my 13 years experience in mobile phone repair and software programming, only 2% cellphone allow us to make connection between internal storage. In 98% cases i failed because phone was totally dead or not allowed me to access user data on a dead phone.

It is also not possible even a Phone can enter to download mode, fastboot etc, mostly. With these connection modes we can flash / upgrade a phone but can’t read back as per my knowledge, but can’t say anything about future.

How it’s it possible to read data from a dead or non working phone?

Yes it’s possible to read user data inside a dead or non working phone but we have some boundaries to do this job. Before writing these let me write about process of data recovery from a dead or non working Android phone.

When a cellphone goes dead or stuck at startup normally it does’t allow us to access internal storage. We at Pakfones service lab using special professional software and hardware devices that make it possible to communicate with internal storage via JTAG (Joint Test Action Group) or direct connection to eMMC / UFS (universal flash storage) memory; These devices called JTAG devices.

  • You cellphone must have working internal memory.
  • Internal memory must not be encrypted by you or manufacturer.
  • We can read user data only from normal memory, Please ask us if you have data inside vault app or any other data hide app.
  • Cellphone device which you want to recovery data must be your own, and you giving us permission to read and process your personal data from your phone.
  • If you are going to send your phone from outside Pakistan then you should know, we will not send then dead phone or board back to your country due to our countries law. We will give you access to your data via secure online storage like Google Drive, MediaFire, Mega etc.

Direct eMMC / ISP Method

Direct eMMC / ISP Method is most used method for reading and writing eMMC / UFS (internal phone memory) memories. Direct eMMC mean direct connection (We remove internal storage   to eMMC or UFS and ISP stands for In-System Programming, via this connection we don’t need to remove internal storage chip from mobile phone board.

We search available connection on board and then connect with the internal memory, but in some cases mostly Chinese branded phone we unable to find on-board connection points due to no availability of service manuals and schematics diagrams. ISP method is very safe method because we have very less chances of destroying internal storage chip.

Our advantage:

We start from safest way to recover data from dead or non-working Android phone, and then go to next level when we get failed to do the job with safe methods. We never ever start from last level (de-attach the eMMC / UFS) first, we do start our job from safe levels to last level swapping components to other working board.

The service price are not fixed so please contact-us for service charges via Whatsapp for fastest reply.


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