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You Will Find Servers Yahoo Login, Voice And Captcha Servers .. It Logs Any Net Transfer Action In Data


VisualSniffer is a powerful packet capture tool and protocol analyzer for Windows system. This version has a scheduler so that you can schedule regular task. VisualSniffer decodes the following protocols down to the lowest layer: ARP, DNS, EGP, GGP, GRE, ICMP, IGMP, IGRP, IPv4, IPv6, NetBIOS, PIM, RDP, RSVP, SNAP, SNMP, TCP, and UDP.

VisualSniffer is a powerful packet capture tool and protocol analyzer (ip sniffer or packet sniffer) for Windows system. VisualSniffer can be used by LAN administrators, and security professionals for network monitoring, intrusion detection, and network traffic logging. It can also be used by network programmers for checking what the developing program has sent and received, or others to get a full picture of the network traffic. For example, parents may want to know what kids are doing online. If you stored important data in your PC, you may need to detect whether your data is sending out by some “Adware” or “Spyware”. If you are a student, you may want to know how your network is working and the mechanism of each network protocol. VisualSniffer is free software, available with full source code under the terms of the BSD License.


Packet decoding


Scheduler – VisualSniffer scheduler lets you schedule regular capture tasks. The scheduler is a front-end interface to Microsoft Scheduler.


Rule Manager – VisualSniffer can perform protocol analysis, content searching/matching based on user defined rules in real-time and notify users by e-mail, sound, and text message when intrusion is detected. VisualSniffer provides hundreds of built-in rules for detecting a variety of attacks and probes, such as buffer overflows, port scans, CGI attacks, OS fingerprinting attempts, and much more.


Data Manager -VisualSniffer saves all captured data into a cache file and only load visible data into memory.Therefore, VisualSniffer can handle huge captured data, but doesn’t require large memory. It also has a data management tool similar to that of Event Manager in Windows. You can also set up filters to receive only subsets of the network traffic.…Sniffer20.html

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