How To Reset User Code Samsung C3592 With Z3X Pro

 1. Press 'Unlock' button.
 2. Connect phone in flash mode:
 - (Disconnect battery and connect USB cable, insert battery after
 - (Or disconnect battery, press vol.down and connect USB cable, insert
 battery after connecting).
 3. When you see 'Rebooting phone' message in log and your phone is not
 restarting automatically,
 then you must restart it manually and wait till process will finished.

Operation: Reset User Lock
 Selected model: GT-C3592
 Selected port: COM3 Easy Jtag Control Port, 921600
 Software version: 26.7

Checking phone at COM3... OK
 Reading phone info...
 Country code:
 Factory SW:
 Unique number:
 Memory phone:
 SW version:  C3592JPMH2/C3592OJPMH1
 IMEI: 3572700xxxxxxx
 Resetting phone lock... OK
 Phone lock: 00000000
 Done with Samsung Tool PRO v.26.7

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