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Easy to make any resistance value.if you have a resistor in hand and don’t know its value don’t worry you can make colors to value with attached exe.
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All the resistor colors:

This is called the “normal” or “3 color-band” (5%) range. If you want the 4 color-band (1%) series, refer to
Talking Electronics website and click: Resistors 1% on the left index. Or you can use the table below.

Here is the exe to make Resistor color to value.

[QUOTE=Dave.W;6702999]Through-hole resistors, this is like old times

These days we use almost always surface mount technology resistor (SMT). You can read the value written on top of the device, usually three numbers. First two numbers are the value, second number shows how many zeros to add on the end.

For example:

110 = 11 ohm
111 = 110 ohm
112 = 1k1 ohm
113 = 11k ohm

473 = 47k ohm resistor

These SMT chip components are available in various size package, for example:

0603 (0.06″ x 0.03″)
0805 (0.08″ x 0.05″)

Also capacitors, ferrite and fuses are available in these package sizes.

You can find a lot more info in Google [/QUOTE]