Samsung Jtag Flasher Collection Free

All samsung micro controllers free jtag flasher collection  that placed at samsung site. This SJF collection have all data in side this rar files jtag dongle schematic PDF plus .doc, and SJF.exe bsdl files etc, Password is SJF S3C2410 SJF S3C2412 SJF S3C2440 SJF S3C2442   SJF S3C2443  SJF S3C2450  SJF S3C6400    SJF

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iPhone 4 Repair Manual

iPhone 4 repair manual which instructs you on replacing 10 different components including the front panel, rear panel, and battery. Installing iPhone 4 Battery Installing iPhone 4 Home Button Installing iPhone 4 Speaker Enclosure Installing iPhone 4 Dock Connector Installing iPhone 4 Logic Board Installing iPhone 4 Vibrator Installing iPhone 4 Front Facing Camera Installing

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DCT4 Flash files

Model Type Version Link Flash Details 1100 RH-18 8.11 Download ia 1100 RH-36 6.63 Download ub 1100 RH-38 7.36 Download qa 1101 RH-75 5.04 Download ia 1110 RH-70 5.53 Download ia 6.40 Download ia 1110i/1112 RH-93 7.02 Download ia 1110i/1112 RH-92 6.46 Download ub 1112i RH-94 3.30 Download ia 1200 RH-99 5.91 Download ia 6.00

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Q Mobile E125 up-down-left-right and menu button solution

Q Mobile E125 up-down-left-right and menu button solution. you just need to check marked two dots connection mostly are damaged in that E125 that have these keys nor working. so connect these two dots and get working all 5 buttons. To Enjoy! the original work and mobile solution be a regular user of this site.

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MX Key

MX Key is a powerful repair tool for Nokia and Siemens cell phones. This fast and reliable solution for mobile phones service/ repair can be used even by a beginner. MXKey features: Flash MCU, PPM, CP (Content Pack), ADSP, APE variant, APE userdisk Backup and restore IMEI data IMEI and ESN change CDMA phone tuning

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