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Samsung Download Mode Fix

In this post i will try to mention how to exit from download mode in Samsung phones that have fixed battery. So please read this post carefully and follow only when you understand completely. This post i have copied from my own blog source post, This method will not only work on Samsung mobile phones [...]

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How to Unlock LG Risio 2 With Z3X

In this post i am going to shared unlock method of LG Risio 2 using z3x box, So you can continue if you have z3x box with lg activation. If you have not z3x with lg activation you can learn from this post also. you can use any LG service device, This connection method of lg android phone [...]

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Free Samsung Touch Glass Replacement Training Course

Due to popularity smartphones these days, The broken touch screens are going to be a challenge for all cellphone technicians. Almost every mobile phone technician receiving 40% broken touch screens / glass of their work. So we must have better grip in changing broken touch glasses to survive in mobile phone repairing field. Because this [...]

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Editing Cellphone Board Photos to Give Help Others

[Editing Cellphone Board Photos to Give Help Others] In this video i have showed how to edit pictures using Microsoft Pain, Because i get request from one of my friend from Ghana. So i made this video how to edit pictures with Microsoft pain. Because everyone have not Photoshop and Corel draw software to edit [...]

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